A Huge, Holiday Season Update!!

Hello everybody!  Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!

I’m always late with these because I always struggle with what to say to all of you who have kept my family alive this past year. It always seems like too little, too corny, too ineloquent, but here I am trying anyway and I’m sorry I’m late again.

My last update was two whole months ago, and a lot has happened!!

Caroline Moss, our friend from Twitter, has continued to help us reach people and bring in more $5 (and higher!) donations! As of this writing, we’re very nearly to a HUGE milestone at $30,000 raised against our $215,000 goal to save our home from Wells Fargo! That’s incredible! And we wouldn’t be here without her help. Caroline has also organized a Christmas gift drive for the girls and for the rescue cats, and packages have been coming nearly every day for us to wrap for Christmas or to use for the cats right away! Thank you all so much!

Caroline is also supporting several other families this Christmas via Operation Santa! You can adopt your own letter to Santa to fulfill for a family in need, or you can support Caroline with her well organized lists by following the links in her tweet, here! She’s making fast progress, so by the time I publish this update, she may already be finished! Please do check, though, and click on the Operation Santa link to find your own letter. Thousands go unanswered every year, still.

At Thanksgiving (and since!), we’ve had support from Patti Murin, who is currently portraying Anna in Frozen on Broadway!! Izzy was over the moon when we told her that Princess Anna is trying to help us save our home! Patti found our story via Caroline and she’s been wonderful!

It’s surreal but wonderful! I’ve also got to thank the usual suspects on Twitter! Moggy Bee, Molly, Area Woman, IPM Cares, Calf Krampus (a holiday novelty name, I’ve forgotten your usual!), Bax Books, Nina Illingworth, Gay Waiter Paul, Elim Garak, Autistic Lady (who supports me on Twitter and Twitch!), Rio Slade, Jules5x, Clare Boothe Lucid, too many to list or for my busted memory to hold! But thank you all, and those of you not on Twitter who have continued to support us as well. We’ve had many repeat, even weekly donors!

Late last week, something amazing happened! A local news channel (Chris’ favorite) WFSB 3 reached out to us via email to do a story on our home and our fundraiser, which will be aired tonight!!

Channel 3 sent out a wonderful reporter named Eva Zymaris and her camera woman to interview our family and take footage of the house. They were so kind to everyone that Izzy cried when they left! They truly worked hard to capture all of the details of our situation, the fundraiser, and of the house itself. They were pros and the things they thought of to help bring detail and depth to our story really astounded me. I can’t wait to see the segment!

I think I’m going to end this update here in an attempt to keep it brief and respect everyone’s time. Thank you all so much for your support of our drive to save our home from Wells Fargo. From me, my wife Chris, our daughters Sarah and Izzy, and from the whole colony of rescue cats: thank you all so much.

With just three weeks until Christmas, please keep sharing and helping us get the word out if you can! People have been extraordinary, and even more wonderful and generous since the holiday season started, so NOW is the time to get the word out so that my girls can be save here forever.

Thank you all so much.

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