A Huge, Holiday Season Update!!

Hello everybody!  Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!

I’m always late with these because I always struggle with what to say to all of you who have kept my family alive this past year. It always seems like too little, too corny, too ineloquent, but here I am trying anyway and I’m sorry I’m late again.

My last update was two whole months ago, and a lot has happened!!

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Hurricane Florence Relief

Hi everybody. The fundraiser to save our home is going pretty well for still being so young! We’ve raised $3,390, or the equivalent of 678 donations of $5 each. That leaves 42,322 left to go! This fundraiser will rely on growing as it spreads, if it’s going to succeed. I’ve had a lot of help in the past week spreading it on social media from a lot of extremely generous people, so I’m optimistic that it will. If you can, please keep sharing!

In my last update to the blog I mentioned that we’d been getting heavy rain and humidity that I thought might be coming up the coast from hurricane Florence. I’ve only seen a bit of the coverage, but it seems that the damage is quite severe.

GoFundMe has set up a fund for victims here as well as collected information about the impacts of the storm. This is the most comprehensive and centralized site I’ve found in response to the storm so far. For whatever it’s worth, email me at mark.warner@gmail.com if you know of another or have a fundraiser yourself and I’ll add it to this page.

No one should lose their home, but it looks as though quite a few people have lost theirs rather suddenly to this storm. If you can help, please do.

I’ll have a new update on our situation in a few days. I spoke with a reporter today and our fundraiser may be included in a story about foreclosure and crowd funding soon! This could be a shot in the arm for our effort to reach our goal!

I’ll keep everybody in the loop.

As ever, thank you all so much for your support.

– Mark, Chris, Sarah, Izzy, and all of the rescues

A reading lesson this week with Starlight Glimmer supervising.

Day One (more or less)

Now that there’s a real website up to explain our situation in place of the harried few sentences that PlumFund allows on their platform, I’m calling this Day One of our new fundraising effort.

Here’s where we’re at, thanks to all of you so far:

We started out needing $215,000 to save our home, and our goal is to raise that in $5 donations from 43,000 people. Since the PlumFund was launched we’re received $1,988.00 or the equivalent of 397 donations of $5. That leaves us just needing to reach 42,603 more people. That’s just in one day! With enough help to spread our campaign, this is completely achievable!

With a fundraiser like this the hardest part–the absolute hardest part–is to get people to interrupt whatever they were doing and just click on the link. It’s 99% about the psychological momentum of interrupting their scroll through Twitter, Facebook, etc and convincing them that this cause is worth their attention. Showing people that they really can save an entire family’s life by just pitching in what they might spend on a coffee or two is a way to help motivate them to click over just for a minute.

Most people won’t really miss five dollars, and reaching 43,000 people seems achievable. For that we need your help to keep sharing this campaign everywhere that you can! Please, we can’t do this without you.

Today Izzy and I have been hanging around indoors because of intermittent heavy rain that is probably coming up the coast from the hurricanes heading for the Carolinas. We wish those poor folks all the best, and we’ll be looking for their fundraisers in the coming weeks so that we can help share them. This home has been through four or five hurricanes, and lucky for us a heavy log home like this is rock solid. It has never budged an inch. Maybe a loose shingle and a damp basement. We’ve been very blessed.

Anyhow there was a break in the rain as we were leaving, and Izzy spotted two beautiful Monarch butterflies flitting over my wife’s Mexican sunflowers. Chris has maintained this little patch of flowers for years with a tiny budget. It’s the best part of our yard, and we hope to hold onto it.

We’re only a short way toward meeting our goal, but every small donation moves the needle and we’ve done extremely well for just one day of full operation! Please keep sharing if you can, and thank you so much!

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